Drug utilisation

Today most drugs will enter a market with a lot of competitors or have a very specific niche. Drug utilisation

Therefore advanced understanding of drug utilisation will be essential for evaluating pharmaceuticals. Not only to improve the patients healthcare but also for future evaluations and introductions.

Our In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases provide high quality data because of the use of electronic pharmacy records and the strong regulatory and reimbursement incentives for Dutch patients to visit a single pharmacy. This enables the gathering of complete drug histories. Through our longitudinal In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases, we can map the total drug utilisation of patients over time (average of 10 years) or map the use of specific medication and inform you on the use of co-medication. When linking the In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases to other databases of the PHARMO Database Network we can provide insight into qualitative and quantitative characteristics and disease outcomes of medication users. More information on our In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases can be found here.

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