At PHARMO we want to deliver the best research to our clients. In order to do this we have multiple partnerships to extend our capabilities and data sources:



National partnerships:

dot  Our in-house databases from the Netherlands can be linked to partnership data sources in the Netherlands to gain more insight in the patient journey, see figure. For more information on the databases, click here.
dot  We collaborate with other research institutes in the Netherlands to extend our services and join forces to deliver optimal results to our clients.
dot  We closely liaise with all major universities and healthcare institutes in the Netherlands and support researchers, clinicians and those interested in the development and execution of pharmacoepidemiological research. With this research the richness of information in the PHARMO Database Network is fully exploited, beyond the scope of our commercial projects. Click here for more information.


International partnerships:

dot  We coordinate pan-European studies where we collaborate with our European database partners. Our partners include databases from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. We are always looking for new partners, see figure. For more information on the coordination of Pan-European studies, click here.
dot  In the context of multi-database studies we also often collaborate with intermediates, i.e. research organisations who will act as the intermediate between the client (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) and the database holders. Under the coordination of such a study by the intermediate, we perform the analysis in-house and provide input for the statistical plans and deliverables.