For healthcare research using medical deep data from diabetes patients, PHARMO has access to an excellent observational framework by linking data from different healthcare settings in the Netherlands, including data from general practitioners, in- and out-patient pharmacies, clinical laboratories and hospitals.

Our diabetes cohort contains data from 2002 onwards, is regularly updated and expanded to include new patients. We can identify patients with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes and are able to report a wide variety of variables, including glycaemic control, lipids, micro- and macrovascular complications, body mass index and blood pressure. More information on diabetes-specific data collected in our database can be found here.


IDet: Detemir; IGlar: Glargin
 Ref. Heintjes E, Thomsen T, Penning-van Beest, et al. Glycaemic control and insulin utilisation in patients with type 2 diabetes initiated on a long-acting insulin analogue in a Dutch real-life setting. Value Health, 2010; 13 (3):A55