What we do

What we do

As an independent research institute PHARMO offers tailor-made rich data analysis, consultancy and IT solutions using our in-house PHARMO Database Network and data sources from our partners. Healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical industry and policy makers need evidence to demonstrate the safety, effectiveness and quality of care in the short- and long-term. PHARMO is specialised in generating valid and reliable evidence by means of observational research with our own data sources and data sources from our partners. With advanced technology we use healthcare data to its full potential to support regulatory, market access and treatment decisions throughout the product life cycle.

During the early phases of the product life cycle we provide insight into the epidemiology of a disease and provide background information for the design of clinical trials. With our data we can support your in-licensing decisions, label extensions and verify the potential of a programme; reliable facts and figures provide a rational basis for your decision-making.

During the later phases of the product life cycle and in current practice, we provide evidence on drug utilisation, safety outcomes, effectiveness, burden of illness, patient journeys, and adherence/persistence and we are developing tailored data collection. Furthermore, we can define the current standard of care and state of the market, to help you shape your marketing strategy pre-launch.

With different types of studies using longitudinal and real-life patient data, we contribute to risk management and provide solutions for decision-makers in market access, health economics and health outcomes domains. Not only to identify trends but also to contribute to a better understanding of demand for a drug.

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What we do_Type of studyType of study

Our PHARMO Database Network lends itself for a wide variety of study designs, tailored to your specific research questions.


What we do_Therapeutic areasTherapeutic areas

We use our disease-specific cohorts to develop deep data knowledge and to specialise in specific therapeutic areas.


What we do_Partnerships


When additional data is needed for your specific study question we can contact our partner registries or collaborate with other databases across Europe. We are always looking for new possibilities to expand our current partnerships and collaborations.