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Drug utilization study Publications

Drug utilization study Publications

  • Antibiotic prescribing on admission to patients with pneumonia and prior outpatient antibiotic treatment: a cohort study on clinical outcome.Abstract

    OBJECTIVE: Most pneumonia treatment guidelines recommend that prior outpatient antibiotic treatment should be considered when planning inpatient antibiotic regimen. Our purpose was to study in patients admitted for community-acquired pneumonia theode of continuing antibiotic treatment at the outpatient to inpatient transition and the subsequent clinical course

    van deGarde EM, Natsch S, Prins JM, van der Linden PD. BMJ Open. 2015 5 (2): e006892.
  • Population-based cohort study of anti-infective medication use before and after the onset of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents.Abstract

    A population-based cohort study was conducted in the Dutch PHARMO database to investigate prevalence and patterns of anti-infective medication use in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D) before and after the onset of this disease. Alpatients <19 years with at least 2 insulin prescriptions (1999 to 2009) were identified (T1D cohort) and compared with an age- and sex-matched (ratio: 1 up to 4) diabetes-free reference group

    FazeliFarsani S, Souverein PC, van der Vorst MM, Knibbe CA, deBoer A, Mantel-Teeuwisse AK. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2014 Aug; 58 (8): 4666-74.
  • Systemic antibiotic prescribing to paediatric outpatients in 5 European countries: a population-based cohort study.Abstract

    BACKGROUND: To describe the utilisation of antibiotics in children and adolescents across 5 European countries based on the same drug utilisation measures and age groups. Special attention was given to age-group-specific distributions of antibioticsubgroups, since comparison in this regard between countries is lacking so far

    Holstiege J, Schink T, Molokhia M, Mazzaglia G, Innocenti F, Oteri A, Bezemer I, Poluzzi E, Puccini A, Ulrichsen SP, Sturkenboom MC, Trifiro G, Garbe E. BMC Pediatr. 2014 14 174.
  • Isotretinoin exposure during pregnancy: a population-based study in The Netherlands.Abstract

    OBJECTIVE: To estimate isotretinoin exposure in Dutch pregnant women despite the implemented pregnancy prevention programme (PPP) and second, to analyse the occurrence of adverse fetal or neonatal outcomes in these isotretinoin exposed pregnancies.DESIGN: Population-based study. SETTING: The Netherlands

    Zomerdijk IM, Ruiter R, Houweling LM, Herings RM, Sturkenboom MC, Straus SM, Stricker BH. BMJ Open. 2014 4 (11): e005602.
  • Persisting gender differences and attenuating age differences in cardiovascular drug use for prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, 1998-2010.Abstract

    BACKGROUND: Evidence on recent time trends in age-gender differences in cardiovascular drug use is scarce. We studied time trends in age-gender-specific cardiovascular drug use for primary prevention, secondary prevention, and in-hospital treatmentof coronary heart disease. METHODS AND RESULTS: The PHARMO database was used for record linkage of drug dispensing, hospitalization, and population data to identify drug use between 1998 and 2010 in 1 203 290 persons >/=25 years eligible for primary prevention, 84 621 persons hospitalized for an acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and 15 651 persons eligible for secondary prevention

    Koopman C, Vaartjes I, Heintjes EM, Spiering W, van Dis I, Herings RM, Bots ML. Eur Heart J. 2013 Nov; 34 (41): 3198-205.
  • Increased Antidepressant Drug Exposure in Psoriasis Patients: A Longitudinal Population-based Cohort Study.Abstract

    Psoriasis has a major impact on health-related quality of life. The present cohort study investigated the use of antidepressant drugs in psoriasis patients and a reference cohort, using pharmacy and hospitalization data from 1998 to 2008 for more tan 2.5 million Dutch residents. Multivariate Cox regression was used to compare the risk of first antidepressant use, and Poisson regression to compare the number of episodes of antidepressant use

    Dowlatshahi EA, Wakkee M, Herings RM, Hollestein LM, Nijsten T. Acta Derm Venereol. 2013 Sep 4; 93 (5): 544-50.
  • Real-life compliance and persistence among users of subcutaneous and sublingual allergen immunotherapy.Abstract

    BACKGROUND: Subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual allergen immunotherapy (SLIT) are safe and effective treatments of allergic rhinitis, but high levels of compliance and persistence are crucial to achieving the desired clinicalffects. OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to assess levels and predictors of compliance and persistence among grass pollen, tree pollen, and house dust mite immunotherapy users in real life and to estimate the costs of premature discontinuation

    Kiel MA, Roder E, Gerthvan Wijk R, Al MJ, Hop WC, Rutten-van Molken MP. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2013 Aug; 132 (2): 353-360 e2.
  • Major changes in chemotherapy regimens administered to breast cancer patients during 2000-2008 in the Netherlands.Abstract

    There is little information available on the patterns of chemotherapy regimens administered in daily practice to patients with early stage and metastatic or recurrent breast cancer. To determine the trends in type of chemotherapy regimens used in beast cancer patients, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in the period 2000-2008 who received chemotherapy were identified from the Eindhoven Cancer Registry (ECR) and linked to the PHARMO RLS, including data on, e

    van Herk-Sukel MP, van dePoll-Franse LV, Creemers GJ, Lemmens VE, van der Linden PD, Herings RM, Coebergh JW, Voogd AC. Breast J. 2013 Jul-Aug; 19 (4): 394-401.
  • First year of life medication use and hospital admission rates: premature compared with term infants.Abstract

    OBJECTIVE: To compare hospitalization and medication use during the first year of life in preterm-born and term-born infants. STUDY DESIGN: Data for this retrospective cohort study were obtained from the linked PHARMO-Netherlands Perinatal Registrycohort. From this linked birth cohort, preterm infants (<37 weeks) born between 2004 and 2007 were randomly matched to 4 full-term infants

    Houweling LM, Bezemer ID, Penning-van Beest FJ, Meijer WM, van Lingen RA, Herings RM. J Pediatr. 2013 Jul; 163 (1): 61-6 e1.
  • Unjustified prescribing of CYP2D6 inhibiting SSRIs in women treated with tamoxifen.Abstract

    Tamoxifen is a largely inactive pro-drug, requiring metabolism into its most important metabolite endoxifen. Since the cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2D6 enzyme is primarily involved in this metabolism, genetic polymorphisms of this enzyme, but also drug-inuced CYP2D6 inhibition can result in considerably reduced endoxifen formation and as a consequence may affect the efficacy of tamoxifen treatment

    Binkhorst L, Mathijssen RH, van Herk-Sukel MP, Bannink M, Jager A, Wiemer EA, van Gelder T. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2013 Jun; 139 (3): 923-9.