Frequently asked questions

What is the lag time of the database?
As data sources are linked on an annual basis, the average lag time of the data is one year. However, the frequency of updates of the separate databases ranges from monthly to yearly.

Is the PHARMO Database Network a national database?
No, the PHARMO Database Network covers approximately 25% of the Netherlands and contains a sample representative for the Dutch population.

Does the PHARMO Database Network contain information on biologicals?

Yes, biologicals can be identified through our In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases and our high budget impact medication dataset. Besides the number of users, we can provide information on the prescription, prescriber, safety and effectiveness.

Can a third party access the PHARMO Database Network?
No, due to our governance policy, we are not permitted to provide access to third parties. PHARMO has in-house researchers who will access the data and perform the analyses. Due to their thorough knowledge of the data and insight in the Dutch healthcare system, they can deliver the best results put in the right context.

Another question?
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