Women’s health and paediatrics

PHARMO has access to an excellent observational framework for research on women’s health and paediatrics by linking the PHARMO Database Network to the Netherlands Perinatal Registry (PRN), which is maintained by the Perined foundation. The PHARMO-PRN cohorts include data on pregnancies, child-birth and children for over 400,000 pregnancies from 300,000 mothers, from 2000 onwards. Approximately 150,000 children can be linked to these pregnancies with up to 16 years of follow-up available after birth in the different databases from the PHARMO Database Network. For all these established mother-child pairs, short- and long-term postnatal outcomes and healthcare utilisations can be retrieved from our databases. These outcomes can be related to drug utilisation and comorbidities of mothers before, during and after pregnancy.

The PHARMO paediatric cohort includes over 350,000 children and enables follow-up of children from birth until adulthood. Medication exposure, healthcare utilisation and infant or child outcomes can be studied in this cohort.

Female-specific disorders, medication patterns and gynecological health can be assessed using the PHARMO women’s cohort, including over 4 million women. Among others, oral contraceptive use can be characterised in terms of branding, duration, treatment patterns and concomitant medication use.

Overall, all these cohorts include many patient years, offering solutions to various pharmaco-epidemiological research questions in the field of Women’s Health and Paediatrics. Cohorts can be updated yearly, so that more information will become available for a higher number of patients and patients can be followed for a longer period of time.