The PHARMO Database Network is a population-based network of electronic healthcare databases and combines rich data from different primary and secondary healthcare settings in the Netherlands.

The longitudinal nature of the PHARMO Database Network makes it possible to study real-world efficacy, safety and utilisation patterns, and enables the patient-centric follow-up of more than 4 million (25%) residents of a well-defined population in the Netherlands, now for an average of ten years. The size of the Database Network enables us to study relatively infrequent drug effects or adverse events.

 The different data sources, including data from general practitioners, in- and out-patient pharmacies, clinical laboratories, hospitals, the cancer registry, pathology registry and perinatal registry, are linked on a patient level through validated algorithms. PHARMO is always seeking new opportunities to link with healthcare databases. It is also possible to link additional data collections to the existing Database Network, such as data collected from chart reviews, patient-reported outcomes (PRO) or data from an interventional trial among patients in the GP setting.