Renal function, estimated by different measures of eGFR, is not associated with serious bleeding events during coumarin treatment. This was concluded in a study recently published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Dutch national guidelines focus on detecting renal impairment to avoid medication-induced events and advise dosage adjustment at coumarin initiation in cases of severe renal impairment. The current study aimed to understand the potential added value of monitoring renal function in patients treated with coumarins in daily clinical practice and explored the association between renal function and serious bleeding during coumarin treatment in the PHARMO Database Network. The results do not support the theory that renal function is causally related to serious bleeding events during coumarin treatment and point to the importance and occurrence of personalized healthcare. Healthcare providers need to have access to recent and complete records of clinical parameters to be able to provide safe and effective treatment and prevent medication-related events. Monitoring of renal function can add value, particularly when initiating new treatment or in cases of diagnostic suspicion.

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