Rich data analysis

Linkages with various healthcare databases


More and more there is interest in a comprehensive overview of a patient’s journey, including healthcare use. PHARMO is specialised in the collection and analysis of complex and rich longitudinal patient-centric data for better understanding of real world clinical care and to provide insights for future decision-making and innovation.

innovation by observationWith our tailor-made and disease-specific cohorts, based on the cradle to grave principle and linkages with various healthcare databases, we give our clients a complete profile of a person’s medical history throughout their life and even starting from before birth: an overview of a patient’s journey. This patient’s journey can be based on various linked data sources (including GP, in- and out-patient pharmacy, clinical laboratory, hospitals, cancer registry, pathology registry and perinatal registry). The more sources are linked, the richer the data that can be obtained for one patient. For example, in order to determine the types and trend of use of chemotherapy regimens in patients with early-stage or metastatic breast cancer four data sources were linked to create a complete overview of treatment. In this study patients were selected from the Eindhoven Cancer Registry and linked to the Hospital Database, Out-patient Pharmacy Database and the In-patient Pharmacy Database. Through the linkage unique data was available at initial diagnosis as well as during follow-up.

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