Our expertise

The experts at PHARMO Institute perform tailor-made observational research using real world data to help our clients to effectively bridge the gap between clinical trial data and real world evidence. Our staff consists of academically trained specialists in epidemiology, pharmacotherapeutics, medicine and informatics. PHARMO Institute’s in-house experts are performing pharmacoepidemiological studies including project management, methodology, data quality and stakeholders communication at an European level. We perform post-authorisation safety or effectiveness studies (PASS + PAES), drug utilisation studies (DUR)studies on safety outcomes and many other types of studies.

PHARMO Institute uses the collection, management and analysis of both our in-house data sources as well as the data sources of our partners. We lead European studies to provide critical evidence in the context of emerging standards for study design, database and analysis operations, and quality assurance in Europe.

PHARMO Institute adheres to high standards throughout the research process based on robust methodologies, transparency and scientific independence. Our internal standardised procedures and quality guidelines are in accordance with the ENCePP Guide on Methodological Standards in Pharmacoepidemiology and the ENCePP Code of Conduct ( to guarantee high quality services.

We use data of

150 million person years
Practices in primary and secondary care

Data access over time