Biologicals & Biosimilars

Biologicals have become increasingly important in the treatment of various diseases, including several types of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. There is a need for studies comparing the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of biological therapies in clinical practice. PHARMO provides a unique opportunity to perform studies on biologicals dispensed in both the out-patient and in-patient setting. Besides studying the number of users of specific biologicals, PHARMO can provide detailed information on the drug, including type of product, dispensing date, strength, dosage regimen, quantity, route of administration, prescriber specialty and costs on a patient-level. This detailed information on the drug also allows us to perform studies on biosimilars. Furthermore, it is even possible to follow the patient over time and link the pharmacy data to other databases in our Database Network to perform for example studies on the safety or effectiveness of biologicals and biosimilars after authorisation. Learn more? Contact us.