The PHARMO Oncology cohort

For oncology, PHARMO works together with the Eindhoven Cancer Registry (for more information click here) which is maintained by the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), and a nationwide network and registry of histo- and cytopathology which is maintained by the PALGA foundation (for more information click here).

PHARMO published several studies in oncology. For example on the use of medication and risk of cancer, chemotherapy regimen use, the occurrence of comorbidities after treatment, survival and many more. All publication in oncology can be found here.

The PHARMO Pathology cohort

The PHARMO Database Network is linked to the Pathology Registry (PALGA) creating an unique opportunity to perform research on biopsy and resection confirmed diagnosis (for more about the database click here).

Besides studies in oncology, the PHARMO Pathology cohort also allows us to perform studies on a variety of other topics, for example on inflammatory bowel diseases.

Moreover, it is possible to go back to the original tumour blocks to perform additional analyses on immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology which are not performed by the pathologist. More information on this service can be found here.