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    Current practice insights into the use of biologicals

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    Rapid access to our in-house patient-centric Database Network

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    An experienced sparring partner for your European healthcare questions

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    Dedicated to research real-life health care for the benefit of patients

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    PHARMO Magazine (Jan 2021)

    Please find below our newest PHARMO Magazine. In this online magazine you can read how PHARMO contributes to innovation in patient care by developing insights into the real world of healthcare, through the collection of patient-centric data and expe...

    PHARMO’s annual report

    PHARMO’s annual report Each year we develop our annual report to inform the healthcare providers that contribute to the PHARMO Database Network about the research and developments at the PHARMO Institute. The full report is available (in Dutch) he...

    PHARMO Magazine

    Please find below our newest PHARMO Magazine. In this online magazine you can read more, amongst other things, about the PHARMO Database Network, our collaboration with the University of Dundee, the renewal of our ISO9001 certification, the COVID-19...

  • Events

    Annual Conference International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology

    Annual Conference International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology ICPE All AccessVirtual Event ( September 16-17, 2020) We are pleased to announce that PHARMO will present their study ‘Infliximab Use in the Netherlands: Uptake And Characteristic...

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    (Senior) Research Account Manager

    Wil je bijdragen aan meer transparantie in de gezondheidszorg? Heb je ervaring als onderzoeker en heb je affiniteit met het vertalen van de vragen en onderzoek behoeften van de klant naar een onderzoeksvoorstel/-project?Heb je internationale commerc...

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    What we do

    As an independent research organisation dedicated to the study of epidemiology, drug utilisation, drug safety, health outcomes, and utilisation of healthcare resources PHARMO assists its clients in their decision-making.

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    What we have

    PHARMO Database Network: we have rapid access to our rich population-based network of databases. Data are derived from different primary and secondary healthcare settings. For our observational studies disease-specific cohorts are created from the various databases.


  • Impact of EMA regulatory label changes on systemic diclofenac initiation, discontinuation, and switching to other pain medicines in Scotland, England, Denmark, and The Netherlands

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  • No Evidence of Off-label Use of Olodaterol and Indacaterol in Denmark, France, and the Netherlands: A Drug Utilization Study

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  • Trends in mortality, cardiovascular complications, and risk factors in type 2 diabetes

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  • The risk of developing cardiovascular disease is increased for prostate cancer patients who are pharmaceutically treated for depression

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