Adherence, persistence and treatment patterns

What type of medications do patients use? And do they adhere to their dosing schedules? If they switch to another treatment, to which do they switch? All these questions (and many more) can be answered using the PHARMO Database Network. Our in-house In- and Out-patient Pharmacy Databases contain longitudinal patient-level data on treatments prescribed by both general practitioners and specialists. We can follow patients over time to create a full picture of their medication use and establish factors that may influence their medication use.

Treatment patterns are complex to visualise and may contain lots of information. In order to deliver the best possible output to our clients we developed interactive maps for treatment patterns. For more information see the PhUSE webinar on this topic.

Adherence persistence and treatment patterns

Ref. Penning-van Beest F, van Herk-Sukel M, Gale R, et al. Three-year dispensing patterns with long-acting inhaled drugs in COPD: a database analysis. Respir Med, 2011; 105(2):259-65